Gae Campana su Radio Nacional de Argentina

Gae Campana su Radio Nacional de Argentina Adam lambert and heidi klum chat about guilty

Adam lambert appeared as a guest judge on project runway recently and while there, spent a few minutes chatting with heidi klum.Heidi tweeted a link to a video of her interview with adam saying,"Adam lambert was a guest judge on project runway this season, and took time to sit down with me to chat about our beauty routines, bad hair days, and men in heels.Enjoy! "In the video she talks with adam about his various hair styles, make-Up, his infamous rick owen boots, and other True Religion Cheap UK guilty pleasures.A second video was later posted in which adam shared his experience forgetting lyrics on stage during his glam nation tour.

By now, everyone knows that adam loves fashion.But what does he like to buy for himself? "I'm a jacket fiend.I love shoulders.I love wearing tailored jackets. "In fact, he has so many jackets, that he says he's lost count.He also shared that his new obsession is men's platform boots.It's no secret that adam loves his rick owen boots-He wears them all the time.For instance, he was recently spotted wearing a pair outside the fig olive restaurant in west hollywood, and also wore them last month at the vh1 2011 do something True Religion Outlet UK awards.And what song does adam sing in the car?His own of course! "I've been working on my second album the past three months.So when i get in the car, it might sound narcissistic but, it's part of the process.I want to listen to it a million times to see if i love it still, or if i find something that i don't like. "


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